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Alfalfa—many new varieties with improved genetics and cutting-edge technologies that can handle today’s environmental stresses

Alfalfa blends—dual purpose mixtures

Small grains—oats, wheat, bromegrass, reed canarygrass, red clover, orchardgrass, timothy, tall fescue, perennial and annual rye grass

Pasture mixes—for beef, dairy, equine and waterways

Specialty forages—pea/oat, pea/triticale, pea/barley

Summer annual forages—sorghum, sudangrass, pearl millet, teff

Fall cover crops—a large variety of grains (wheat, triticale, rye grain, winter barley), grasses, broadleaves, legumes, brassicas (radish, turnip, rapeseed, mustard), and mixtures

CRP and specialty cover crops—native grasses, forbes (black-eyed susan, coneflower, sunflower, bergamot, trefoil), and wildflower mixes

Wildlife food plot seed and seed mixtures

Tillage radish for cover crop

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