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Welcome to, your one-stop resource for up-to-the-minute customized agricultural news and ag market commentary, local weather, product information and labels, agricultural commodity prices, crop yield & planting calculators and more agricultural resources. Designed with growers, retailers, consultants, and certified applicators in mind, is easy to navigate and offers everything related to agriculture in one place.  ClickHERE for more information.

The Good Growth Plan includes specific commitments to address critical challenges the world faces in feeding a growing population. Working together with partners to increase the sustainability of agriculture, we commit by 2020 to:

  • Make crops more efficient: Increase the average productivity of the world's major crops by 20% without using more land, water or inputs
  • Rescue more farmland: Improve the fertility of 10m hectares of farmland on the brink of degradation
  • Help biodiversity flourish: Enhance biodiversity on 5m hectares of farmland
  • Empower smallholders: Reach 20m smallholders and enable them to increase productivity by 50%
  • Help people stay safe: Train 20m farm workers on labor safety, especially in developing countries
  • Look after every worker: Strive for fair labor conditions throughout our entire supply chain network

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“Know More, Grow More,” a Syngenta agronomy blog, is a direct link between U.S. growers and the expertise of our 70-plus trained agronomists who work where you farm. Our goal is to help you maximize your crops’ potential by providing local insights on a regular basis. We are here so you can grow more, regardless of crop or region.  ClickHERE for more information.

​​Feltis Soils & Crop Production, LLC

Thrive is produced quarterly for a nationwide agricultural audience. Its purposes are to update readers on Syngenta products, services and solutions, and to provide them with the information they need to succeed in today's complex marketplace.

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