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A healthy start sets the foundation for strong performance as plants grow.  Seed treatments provide protection during the critical germination and stand establishment stages when seeds and emerging seedlings are unable to protect themselves against invasive pathogens and pests.

​Click on each of the seed treatments to see which one best fits your needs.  Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns with these or any other seed treatments in the industry.​

​All seed treatments are applied in a state-of-the-art KSI seed treater by trained individuals to insure accuracy and uniformity. 

​Call early to insure we have enough product on hand and that your treated soybeans will be ready to go when you are headed to the field. this spring.

Mertect 340-F is a fungicide seed treatment that expands the pest protection to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS).  It can be added to CruiserMaxx/Vibrance or Clariva Complete treatments.  It may also be stacked with SoyRhizo. Contact usfor availability and pricing.. 

​Seed delivery is available in some areas upon request.  Call for more information.

CruiserMaxx/Vibrance (CMV) contains three fungicides for the broadest spectrum of control and maximum performance.  CruiserMaxx/Vibrance protects against damage from early-season insects as well as soil borne and seed borne diseases.  This product also serves as the first tailor-made seed treatment for improved rooting power.Contact us for availability and pricing.

Clariva Complete (CMC) has all the benefits of CMV plus contains five advanced active ingredients that provide season-long SCN protection with broad-spectrum, early-season insect and disease protection.  This seed treatment also supports soybean root health, improves plant emergence and enhances plant standability.Contact us for availability and pricing.. 

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The Value of Seed Treatment

SoyRhizo is a new and unique soybean inoculant with Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPT).  AGPT creates an ideal root zone environment for faster rhizobia establishment and nodule production in the plant roots.  In turn, earlier N-fixation for plant utilization results in a more vigorous soybean plant with greater yield potential.  It can be added to CruiserMaxx/Vibrance or Clariva Complete treatments.  It may also be stacked with Mertect 340-F.  Contact us for availability and pricing..